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2017 Eleventh China International lifting machinery and accessories exhibition

Founded in 2002, “China international hoisting machinery and accessories exhibition (HMFEC China)” held annually, dedicated to the global industry international trade cooperation and port machinery equipment in the field of high-end platform, more than 10 years in the careful organization of the Organizing Committee under Asia has now become the largest exhibition area, exhibitors the most professional hoisting machinery exhibition in the global industrial port hoisting machinery and equipment in the field has been the industry consensus, she was also on the development of heavy industry and promote the China machinery and port equipment industry market also has a great influence, the enterprise heavy equipment to create communication opportunities, strengthen mutual cooperation has played a positive role in promoting at home and abroad to play. Since the founding of the exhibition, the scale and influence of the exhibition has become an annual industry event and a good win-win platform for people in the field of hoisting equipment. After more than 10 years of development, has become Asia’s largest professional exhibition crane, and has been among the top five global event in material handling.

The eleventh session will be held at the New International Exhibition Center in Shanghai on -9 June 7, 2017.

DCH remote control booth number H10, then welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit the booth!