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Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is an important part of China’s equipment manufacturing industry. It is an important force in China’s infrastructure construction. It plays an important and positive role in railways, highways, electric power, water conservancy, nuclear power, chemical industry and urbanization. Over the past decade, China’s construction machinery industry has been developing rapidly, and has achieved substantial breakthroughs in terms of scale, products, technology and internationalization. Its global competitiveness has improved rapidly. Even in some subdivision areas, it has entered the world first-class level. In the products represented by the loader, China has already occupied more than half of the global market, and the “Chinese Genre” has been formed.

With the development of engineering machinery technology, equipped with high efficiency industrial wireless remote control has become an essential link. If you are a customer in the engineering machinery industry, DCH remote control will be your first choice.


Through the efforts of all the colleagues, the engineering machinery industry is our stable customer.

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