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The cranes has stepped into the era of industrial wireless remote control

At present, the standard remote control configuration of all major crane factories is industrial wireless remote control, such as Demag lifting, Kony lifting,Taiyuan lifting, Dalian lifting. It can be said that at present, the crane has entered the era of industrial wireless remote control.

Since, as the most common crane large mobile equipment in daily production, because of its huge volume, so high-altitude operations, it is related to safe operation, operation personnel and related personnel safety, equipment and other equipment related to its safety, to the state and society and enterprises much attention.

There are two kinds of conventional mode of operation: before the crane cab operation and hand operation switch.

The cab operation requires a full-time person to sit in the cab operation, greatly limits the operator’s personal freedom, a lot of work for an operator is a long time, long-term sitting and overlooking the operator suffering from occupation disease problems, in many high temperature, corrosion, poisonous and harmful environment, such as casting, steel, pickling, printing and dyeing, paint the workshop, tagman, is the biggest victim of environment!