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Industrial remote control application industry

With the rapid development of society and the rapid development of industrial 4, more and more devices are being controlled by industrial wireless remote control system.

1. Industrial driving

Industrial driving is one of the most widely used field remote control system, especially in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mill, material warehouse and other new traffic almost all equipped with industrial remote control device.

2, car crane, truck crane

Usually, a large truck crane remote control system is also equipped with a data feedback device, a feedback device can be run in the race parameter display system display, the operator can monitor the crane according to display data.

3, concrete pump

Concrete pump truck operation due to the console from pouring work surface tens of meters, the traditional mode of operation need to be completed with the number of people, low efficiency, performance limits of concrete pump; the industrial remote control device can maximize the performance of the whole machine, the driver in the work place driving position, each action can be carried by remote control in the operation of the pump system.

4. Mining machinery

The visibility of the mine is low, and the remote control hydraulic machinery with feedback device can be selected. Even in low visibility and bad environment, it can be convenient for drilling operation of heavy rock drill. The failure information of rock drill is displayed in the remote control screen. It greatly increases the safety, comfort and accuracy of the operation, saves the investment and improves the efficiency.

5. Caterpillar slag loader

The industrial remote control device is used for remote control transformation of loaders. Under the premise of not changing the existing manual operation mode, percentile surfaces simulate the mechanical and dynamic performance and operation functions of the original crawler loaders, so as to achieve the purpose of self driving to complete the slag cleaning operation. It eliminates the hidden trouble caused by bad environment, unclear sight and high temperature slag, and improves the efficiency of slag cleaning, improves the working environment of metallurgical workers, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.